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Gravy train stops in Waterville

The annual Fall Concert is officially back, and it’s coming in full steam ahead. The Student Programming Board (SPB) released the highly anticipated news of the Fall Concert’s headliner through an email on Saturday, Sept. 17. As the news rippled through the campus, murmurs of Yung Gravy—dubbed the Gravy Train—and his future arrival, could be heard everywhere.

Chris Mellen `23, the Chair of Concerts and Live Music Team on SPB, gave insight into the selection process for the Fall Concert headliner.

“In past years, we’ve had multiple headliners or a headliner and an opener of similar stature, and we decided we wanted to try something different and put all our eggs in one basket,” Mellen said. 

As one of the biggest shows that Colby has ever hosted, the SPB seems to have succeeded in this goal.

Yung Gravy is an American rapper with 14.1 million monthly Spotify listeners. He initially gained popularity on the music sharing platform Soundcloud, and his fame quickly took off with the release of his first viral song, “Mr. Clean,” in 2017.

Yung Gravy has continued to release new music and has built a strong fanbase, which includes many students at the College. Mellen said, “Based on [over 800] ticket sales [in the first five hours] it seems like students are really pumped too.”

Although Yung Gravy is the highlight of the Fall Concert, he is not the only compelling reason to attend the event. Most current students have never experienced a Colby Fall Concert before, and with restrictions finally comparable to pre-pandemic standards, the Fall Concert is expected to reclaim its spot in the College’s culture.

“[The concert has] always been a huge part of the community and a highlight of the year, and the fact that we’ve gone without one for so long will make this one really cathartic and awesome,” Mellen said.

Yung Gravy is not the only performer scheduled for the night. Taco Alley, one of the College’s own student bands, will be opening for Gravy.

“Expect a great student performance as the opener, and an amazing show and an amazing night,” Mellen said.

The joint student and superstar concert will showcase the opportunities that the concert can create.

For the first time since 2019, the concert is open to guests of students and the general public. Tickets will be available for the College’s students at a discounted rate of $25 and at $35 for others. The SPB wants the College’s students and their guests to have the first chance to see the show and have prioritized their advertising efforts to Colby students.

“Obviously, we want Colby students and their guests to have the first opportunity to go see the show, so advertisement in Waterville and Maine at large won’t really start until around October 5th, but we absolutely have some plans in place to open this show up to the community,” Mellen said.

If you’re ready to hop on the Gravy Train or just want to have a fun night, tickets are on sale now for the College and will be on sale for the general public on Oct. 5.

Vivian Nguyen ’25

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