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Club Feature: Colby Consulting Club

 The Colby Consulting Group (CCG), is a special interest group on campus. Whether members are ready to begin a career in consulting or just want to learn more about the field, the CCG offers resources at every level. The Colby Echo spoke with CCG Co-President, Isabella Feng `23, to dive further into the operations of the club.

During weekly meetings, students have the opportunity to attend talks by College alumni in the consulting field, where they are taught about behavioral interviews and technical interviews, both of which appear when applying to consulting firms. For those unfamiliar with the consulting industry, interviews for consulting firms almost always entail a “case interview,” during through which candidates are assessed on their problem-solving and analytical abilities.

Feng described the value of case interview preparation through the CCG.

“In terms of technical interviews, we can really get people prepared by introducing them to those contexts and also kind of making up [for] what liberal arts schools don’t really have. In a larger university or business school, there might be more classes related to technical parts of the works, but it is really hard to get that in a liberal arts school.”

This year, case interview preparation has been expanded through the introduction of the Peer Casing Pair-Up program. Through the program, students looking to do one-on-one case study practices are paired with a peer at a similar experience level. The program already has over 50 applications and promises to be valuable to those involved.

The CCG has also launched the Peer Advisory Program, which Feng describes as being “for underclassmen who are interested in launching a career but don’t really know what to do. We pair one student with one experienced ‘peer advisor’ who will walk you through the career preparation process, give advice based on your own status and interest, and coach you about case studies.” Through this program members are also provided with resume help.

One of the most unique features of the Colby Consulting Group is the yearly project.

“Usually the most interesting part of our club is [getting]to get involved with consulting projects wherewe work with local businesses,” Feng explained.

Described as “micro-internships,” members can apply to work on project-based internships in order to gain consulting experience with real companies.

Previously, the CCG has worked with Sunrise Bagel, Fred’s Coffee, and Gifford’s Famous Iice Ccream to provide market research on competitors, advice on expanding operations, and more. This year, the CCG will work with Shelby’s Deli.

When describing her personal benefit from being involved in the CCG, Feng said the following.

“I found this community super welcoming and supportive. I didn’t know much about consulting…I knew I wanted to do it, but I didn’t know much about like, how should I get prepared for this? How should I network? And I came to realize that I can actually gain a really great exposure to the consulting industry by attending club meetings and activities.”

Feng recommends the CCG to underclassmen interested in consulting, from those merely curious about the industry to those ready to launch a career. For more information about the Colby Consulting Group, please reach out to Feng.

Madison Keezer `26

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