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Spotlight on women’s soccer: Mules lose to second-ranked team in the NESCAC

On Saturday, Oct. 1, Colby women’s soccer battled Tufts during their annual alumnae game. The Mules got off to a slow start but rallied in the second half, outplaying the Jumbos and nearly beating their opponents. After a ninety minute battle, Tufts preserved its lead, besting the Mules 3–1.

Ranked No. 2 in the NESCAC, Tufts is a tough opponent and expected to compete for the conference championship. Despite the loss, the Mules are confident about the rest of their season—they have seven games left on their schedule, all of which are winnable.

The Colby Echo sat down with Mia Cromwell `24, who plays outside back for women’s soccer, to talk about the game.

“In the first halfTufts scored their first two goals off of corner kicks,” Cromwell recalled. 

The Mules tried to even the score by attempting two shots on the Tufts goal but could not bury one.

Cromwell reflected on the Mules’ first-half defense, offering a few takeaways.

“Our defense was all connected. I feel like we were pretty unified but we broke down when Tufts would score,” she said.

The Mules entered the second half down 0–2 but surged after halftime.

“We outshot them in the second half, 6 to 4,” Cromwell said.

“We fought hard against Tufts this weekend, and although we made a few mistakes, we battled hard, which helped us earn a well-deserved goal in the second half.”

Cromwell is optimistic about her team’s trajectory and the leadership of its new coach, Tracey Leone.

“This year, we have continued to improve under our new coach and will continue to work hard,” Cromwell said.

Cromwell also had some thoughts on this coming weekend’s matches.

“This weekend could be a turning point. We’re playing two great teams and have the opportunity to get some great wins. We’ve already played some great teams and are prepared for these tough but very winnable matchups,” she said.

The Mules play at Middlebury on Saturday. The Panthers are 2–3 in conference play, having wins over only Bates and Hamilton. On average, they score 1.89 goals per game, behind Colby’s 2.25, although they have surrendered fewer goals in total.

On Sunday, the Mules play Hamilton, a team of comparable strength to Middlebury. The Continentals are 1–2–3 in NESCAC play, having defeated only Williams, a team to whom the Mules lost. Hamilton’s offense scores less often than Colby’s, though its defense is a bit better.

Women’s soccer fans can tune in to the Mules’ upcoming games on the Colby Athletics website—or, if passionately inclined, drive to Middlebury, VT and Clinton, NY for some exciting action.


~ Matt Rocha `23

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