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Join the Colby photography club!

Every two weeks, Colby’s photography club meets in the Mary Low Coffeehouse. The hour-long meetings are low-key and for photographers of all skill levels; they often involve showcases and photo walks.

At the beginning of October, the photography club puts on its Summer Showcase in the Spa. Members of the club could submit photos they took from this past summer for a chance to get them displayed and voted on by students. Showcases like these are a great opportunity for photographers to exhibit their work to the student population.

Photo walks, another aspect of the photography club, are one great part of the photography club. Claire Yu `25, the communications chair for the club, told The Colby Echo that photo walks are an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. “Taking pictures with a group of people is always so fun, and everyone is so creative in their ideas of how a certain subject should be shot.”

While it might be intimidating to show your photography to other people, this club is truly accepting of beginners. “The photography club welcomes anyone, even if you don’t have any experience. So if you ever want something to do, come to one of our meetings, and let’s have fun sharing photos with one another!” Yu says.

Photography Club is also a great way to make new friends. “Some of my closest friends came from this club and I would not trade it for anything else,” said Yu. “While our club might be considerably smaller compared to others, the close connections we make with one another makes the time worth it.”

Making new friends is what often convinces people to join Photography Club, and convinces them to continue to be an active part of the club. Yu told the Echo, “In my first year, while I was in the midst of adjusting to a school away from home, I was looking for opportunities to meet new people,” Yu said. Many first-years can probably relate to this. A lot of students have a hard time finding a sense of belonging when arriving at the College, so being part of a fun and laid-back club like this one can be helpful for finding a solid group of friends.


~ Laila Clarke `26

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