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CMI’s Saturday Night Live brings global music to Mary Low

The Colby Music Incubator (CMI) has held several Saturday Night Live events throughout the semester, and this past week’s show welcomed all styles and genres of music as well as a participant from every class year. The charming musical occasion featured the cozy location and artisanal drinks of Mary Low Coffee House.

Victoria Melehov `25 sang a few numbers with piano accompaniment, and said, “the coffee house is always a great place to perform.” 

The piano from the Mary Low common room was pulled into the coffee house for the occasion, and furniture was rearranged to make space for an audience to face the small stage in the bay window of the coffee house. 

Melehov chose the songs she performed based on the space and the instruments available. One of her favorites was “Francis Forever,” which she put a slow spin on with more jazz than the original recording. She also performed, “a really beautiful Russian song from 1943 about love and war,” which she enjoyed sharing even though there were not many Russian speakers in attendance. Regardless of the language barrier, people swayed to the song and applauded at the end of each of them. 

“Both are quite powerful and they really fit the coffee house atmosphere.” 

The acoustic music that impressed a fluid audience fits well in that space, and many musicians look forward to participating in future events.

The relaxed dynamic of these live music events allows the audience to hear the music up close, and the musicians to share details and about the songs. 

Sophia Schroeder `23 has been performing with various groups and a solo act through CMI events since her first year. 

~ Molly George `23

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