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Tune In To Waterville’s Finest Radio Station

I think we can all agree that sometimes, our music gets boring. You know the feeling when you’ve listened to all of your playlists just one too many times, and your favorite songs just don’t do it for you anymore? If this is the case for anyone, you should consider checking out Mayflower Hill Broadcasting Company (WMHB), the College’s very own radio station. 

I know, the radio seems like a past relic, but it is still a thriving part of campus and updated for the times.

Elias Porter `25, who runs the radio station, explained all the different shows they have on air.

“Our programming ranges from spoken news and sports discussion to grab bags to the Ed Sheeran Radio Hour — just about anything goes on college radio!” he said.

The radio is not just limited to music. And, unlike a usual radio station you would turn on in the car, the College’s station does not confine itself to one genre. 

“We have a total of 49 shows — and not all of them are everyone’s cup of tea — but some of my favorites are Aux Audits on Mondays 6—7, where Annie and Fiona review their friends’ playlists, Abhishek’s International Music Hour on Sundays 6—7, and Grab Bag with Liam Cassidy on Saturdays 7—8. I also have my own show, Ain’t Nothing but a Little Folk Show, on Saturday mornings from 11—12,” Porter said.

WMHB is not just for the College community, but also for the greater Waterville area.

“We have 70 students on our email list, and 10 D.J.s from the greater Waterville community.”

Not only do non-Colby students have shows, but also people from all over listen to WMHB.

“I got an email the other day from someone from Freedom asking what song was playing at 11:30 on Monday and he told me that WMHB was his favorite radio station! That’s what makes the radio cool to me -— to be able to reach so many people over the air in a way that no other medium really touches, and to share the music you love with people who love it too,” Porter said.

Amanda Alpert `25 started her own radio show this semester with her friend, Laxmi Namboodiri `25. She had always been interested in radio, and WMHB gave her a place to try it out.

“I have always wanted to do radio. I did a little club for a couple of summers, and I always enjoyed it. I was a little nervous to start at Colby because it was a bigger audience, but this semester, I found a friend to do it with me, and now we’re having a blast! It’s so much fun, and it surpassed my expectations,” Alpert said.

Her show does not have a specific theme yet and is mainly a culmination of genres that she and Laxmi like.

“We like to play all types of things, from pop to international and country rock. We don’t want to tie ourselves down yet.”

Her radio spot is not just a creative outlet. It has quickly become the highlight of her week.

“Our spot is Fridays 1—2, so it has become a very relaxing, end-of-week wind-down. I look forward to it all week. I’m done with all my classes, so we can really just have fun without stress, and we can play whatever we’re feeling,” she said.

She thinks that more students should listen to the radio because there is a lot more than people may expect.

“I honestly think that there is a lot of really cool music played that otherwise, I wouldn’t have heard. Plus, there are really cool ideas, and the students with shows are some of the most creative, fun, and intelligible people, and you can definitely hear that when listening to the radio. Overall, it is a very fun and creative space where you can share your passions.”

Porter agrees with Alpert, pointing out that all the variety the station has to offer can give students new music to listen to that they would have never heard of.

“The radio is a great place to hear new music and old favorites but most importantly it’s a fun way to see what kind of music people are into!” he said.

You’ve already heard the radio station whether you’ve realized it or not. WMHB is the station always playing in the dining halls!

If you are interested in listening, you can tune in at or on the radio at 89.7FM. If you want to try your hand at your own show, you can email Elias at No prior experience necessary!


~ Mairead Levitt ’25

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