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Personal Statements from Colby Students

I don’t think anyone thought this would happen. I was on my way to the senior apartments at around 1:30 when my CA texted the dorm group chat telling us to leave the senior apartments immediately. I was confused so I texted my friend and asked what was wrong, and she told me that someone got shot. I immediately went to AMS, which was nearby. I was with some people who came from the seniors apartments. We talked briefly about what happened, and apparently the people down the hall at the concert did not hear the shots. After that we just sort of sat down, staring at our phones, waiting for emails. We waited a while for every email we got.

Anonymous `26


It’s been over 48 hours since I was first notified of an active shooter situation and the terror still hasn’t left me. I can barely focus. I want to — need to — but all I can think of is the fear that gripped me early Saturday morning. While I’ve found a home here at Colby, that moment I read the message, I suddenly remembered that I was a foreign student in a foreign land, and I wasn’t sure if I was welcome here.

Anonymous `26


It was extremely scary and traumatizing to not know if myself and my friends were safe. We barricaded ourselves in because we thought there was someone still shooting. For about an hour I was worried someone was going to come and shoot everyone in the room.

Anonymous `23


I was literally running for my life alone through the snow after being separated from my friends. To feel safe on this campus and be able to continue to participate in party culture, I need the college to increase safety resources and protocols as if people had died, because if we simulated the events of early Saturday morning 10 times, 9 times out of 10 people would have been physically hurt. It is a miracle no one was shot. We can not leave that chance up to the gunman the next time this happens.

Anonymous `26


What is simultaneously comforting and troubling is that everyone I was with in the apartments knew exactly what to do in that moment. Get away from the windows. Turn off the lights. Barricade the doors. Stay quiet. Text the people you love that you love them. Wait. Hope. Yes, it could have been much worse and we are lucky it wasn’t, but for those fifty minutes waiting quietly in the dark with no information, we believed it was going to be much worse. I’m caught up in the what-ifs. To everyone who stepped up on Saturday morning, who comforted each other, who stayed calm in the chaos, who opened their doors to myself and others, I love you.

Emily Riley `23


I would say I can’t believe how overboard the reaction to this incident has been, but I can believe it. It’s a sad reflection on how sensitive the campus is. Two bullets hit a wall and it’s like the world has stopped turning!

Anonymous `25

I wanted us to have fun for our last Doghead. We got to karaoke at 1:31.1:37 I texted my family “Someone just possibly got shot at the apartments.” 1:39 I texted my Co & residents “Is everyone good at the apts??” I started praying. 1:42, I texted my family “I’m in marylow. Nothings been confirmed & we havent gotten an alert or anything yet.” 1:48: I’m in a basement with the doors barricaded” 2:02: “I’m still locked down. We don’t know what happened but the cops are checking every room.” My sister began sending info from some guy on Twitter. 2:04: “They haven’t sent an email. We’re all learning info in group chats and on yik yak.”

Deekayla Thomas `23

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