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Addressing recent criticisms of the College and such

Recently, harmful and dangerous lies have been spread concerning the state and practices of the College. Rumors have been fabricated, without any basis in reality, in an attempt to undermine the College’s noble mission of expanding and improving. The People of the College will not believe the outright falsehoods that have been uttered with cowardice on the sidelines of the reasonable discourse that characterizes our institution.

First, the rumors about the College’s Building and Sidewalk Initiative with the cities and islands of Maine shall be addressed. The College has been falsely accused of promoting its interests in the Waterville community without regard for the residents and commerce with which it has coexisted for centuries. Lies have been stated as truths: some abhorrent individuals claim that the College owns the majority of the buildings in downtown Waterville. These claims are a clear attempt at sabotaging the magnanimous College. The College has always built for the People, and when it has demolished, it was in order to build back better for the People.

Further fabrications have surfaced concerning the College’s enrollment strategy. Malicious sowers of discontent have attempted to construct a narrative in which the College seeks to improve its admission statistics in order to inflate its prestige. These statements are unacceptable and irresponsible. 

The College has transformed the future of the Colby people and nation, leading the College community from the darkness and toward the light. Those who claim that the College allocates its resources performatively will find themselves on a collision course with a great wall of steel forged by hundreds of staff and faculty and tens of thousands of students.

Finally, the College has been accused of being a massive revenue-generating powerhouse that can only be considered a nonprofit in the most legal of contexts. These accusations are reckless and immoral. The College will not accept sanctimonious preaching from those who feel they have the right to lecture the People of the College. These words come from the weakest, most vile corners of the earth: muck that must be scrubbed with soap and water.

Opponents of the College should strongly reconsider their stance and work together with the Presidents and Trustees of the College to create a bright future for campus-wide rejuvenation. No one should underestimate the resolve, the will, and the ability of the People of the College to defend their campus sovereignty and territorial integrity.


~ The Usual Suspects

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