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The College’s new iBike Program

A quick walk around campus would lead to the sight of several bikes parked outside academic buildings, dining halls, and Miller Library.  Though personal bikes are not uncommon across campus, the presence of new, college-sponsored rides is a recent development. These bicycles make up the freshly unveiled Colby iBike program, sponsored by the College’s Office of Sustainability. 

The uniform nature of the iBikes makes them easy to recognize. Each bike is painted white, with a brown seat and handles. A basket on the back makes it possible to travel with cargo, and a blue plate on the side lets onlookers know it’s tied to the College. The process of using the iBikes is simple, and directions can be found on the myColby website.

First, students should download the app Movatic, which is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Second, a student should connect to the College’s private server using their college email address.

When parked, the bikes are locked and unavailable for general use. However, access to the College’s private server on Movatic allows for the use of the bikes. It is as simple as opening the app and scanning it onto the bike rack. The bike then unlocks and is ready for use. Students have six hours before the bike must be returned, though it does not have to be from the rack they received it from.

Besides a simple app download, the iBike process requires little time to complete. All users must sign a user agreement; members over 18 automatically sign this within the app. Those who are underage can send a paper form request to the Office of Sustainability. Obvious precautions must be taken for safety and damage, but engagement with the program is otherwise self-explanatory. 

The Colby Echo spoke to several students about their thoughts on the new program. Jacob Madley `26 said the program was a great, easy way to access the wider community and “really promotes students to get outside and interact with campus and beyond.”  Jacob also said he is busy most hours of the day with schoolwork, and that the bike program could be a valuable method of relief from studying. 

Youssef Mostafa `26 has used the bikes on numerous occasions, such as trips to Waterville or casual weekend rides. Youssef has used the bikes parked outside of Roberts and stated he is very enthusiastic about the program and has loved using it. He would be “open to farther trips” beyond Waterville, citing past experiences with long bike trips.

The iBike program is a great way for students to interact with campus and the area beyond it. Unlike a car or the College shuttle, a bike offers an outdoor and athletic experience. Wherever they may go, the iBikes are a great way for students to spice up their everyday lives on campus.


~ Wyatt Tune `26

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