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Meet the Team!

Avery Rosensweig—Co-editor-in-chief

Matt Rocha—Co-editor-in-chief

Mahika Gupta— Associate News Editor

Veronica McIntyre— News Reporter

Maura Thompson— News Reporter

Kristen Shen— Associate Local News and Features Editor (fall semester)

Adrian Visscher— Associate Local News and Features Editor (spring semester)

Vivian Nguyen— Local News Reporter

Mairead Levitt— Features Reporter

Molly George— Associate Arts & Entertainment and Opinions Editor

Nico Flota Sánchez— Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Pat Mallory—Opinions Reporter

Rohan Sinha— Associate Sports Editor (fall semester)

Julian Cangieter-Hernandez—Sports Reporter (fall semester) & Associate Sports Editor (spring semester)

Mason Groves— Sports Reporter

Saathvika Diviti— Columnist

Maaheen Shaikh— Columnist

Ryan Mark— Columnist

Madison Keezer— Columnist

Catherine Mongan— Columnist

Kathryn Stone— Columnist

Victoria Melehov— Columnist

Laila Clarke— Staff Writer

Claire Campbell— Staff Writer

Bryan Thiam— Staff Writer

Rebecca Sun— Staff Writer

Milo Lani-Caputo— Head Copy Editor

Hannah Rosenberg— Copy Editor

Aubrey Adkins— Copy Editor

Mia Cromwell— Copy Editor

Zoey Latour— Layout Editor

Haydn Sage— Layout Editor

Miz Insigne— Layout Editor

Skylar Rollins— Layout Editor

Haven Low— Photographer

Isadora Wells— Photographer

Emma Baker— Cartoonist

Jenna Boling— Creative Director

Henry Popko— Distribution Manager