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Reverse, redo, rewind at the upcoming prom

No, you haven’t magically time-traveled back to high school, but prom is coming up! Find yourself a dress, suit, or whatever you feel like wearing, and make sure you don’t miss the all-school prom on Saturday, Dec. 10. 

The prom will be held in Cotter Union and will feature a live band, free food and drinks, and lots of dancing. 

You can take yourself to the prom or go with a group of friends, but if you want to ask that special someone to go to the dance with you, consider promposing. Promposals are a fun (and sometimes over-the-top) way to ask your significant other or friend to be your date for the dance. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) is running a promposal contest, and in the spirit of prom, winners will receive a free limo ride and dinner at Front and Maine! Students interested in entering the contest should start planning a creative promposal and submit it to the SGA Instagram account to be considered.

Members of SGA and the Student Programming Board (SPB) have been planning the prom since October. Community Engagement Chair Maggie Blake `23 has always wanted to have a prom at the College and is super excited about the upcoming dance. 

“The theme is prom. Our catchphrase is redo, relive, rewind,” she said.

Many students were not able to attend their high school proms because of the pandemic, so the catchphrase is really on point for students who would like a second chance at the high school tradition. 

Lucy Harden `24 is among the students who missed out on their high school proms. She is looking forward to the prom.

“I didn’t get to have a prom in high school, and that really sucked at the time,” she said. “I’m excited Colby is throwing a prom. I think it will be really fun and a good way to make up for what I missed out on in high school.” 

There will be free food served in Pulver Pavilion, and Blake even hinted that there might be a chocolate fountain.

“We’re trying to go big on the food,” she said. 

In addition to the promposal contest, SGA is also holding a raffle for the prom court. Two to three students from every class will be selected as members of the prom court. These winners will receive a limo ride and dinner at Front & Main. 

A prom is an event that can come with a lot of pressure, including finding a date and the perfect thing to wear. Blake emphasized that students should just have fun and wear whatever makes them the happiest.

“If you want to order a dress, order a dress. If you want to pull out something you wore, (or almost wore) in high school, do that. If you want to find something in the back of your closet, do that. It’s just about doing whatever you want to do,” she said.

So, don’t feel any pressure to dress a certain way or plan a big promposal (unless you want to, of course). Prom is about showing up as yourself and having fun.

Tickets will be free online, so look out for an email from SGA and make sure to get your ticket.


~ Veronica McIntyre `24

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