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Doghead 2023: The legend lives on for another year

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, everyone here at the College is preparing for another holiday: Doghead. Perhaps the most well-known tradition, Doghead takes place on or near Saint Paddy’s Day. This year, it will take place the week before the Irish holiday, due to a conflict with spring break. 

Doghead is a staple event of the College, where students pull an all-nighter, watch the sunrise together on Miller Steps, and some even eat live goldfish (which we here at The Colby Echo do not encourage, for both your and the goldfish’s sake). 

While there are many reasons to love Doghead, at its core, Doghead is about community. 

Senior Julia Cantor is celebrating her fourth and final Doghead this year. She told The Echo about her favorite part of the celebration.

“I love Doghead because you get to rotate through all the different circles of your life. You can see all your friends, and everyone is united in this one activity together. I love when everyone is on the steps together, singing” she said. 

Similarly, Adaobi Nebuwa `24 loves when all students, regardless of how they were passing their time during the night, gather together. 

“My favorite part of Doghead is gathering on Miller Steps with everyone. I’m hoping that we get a beautiful sunrise, which is what I’m most looking forward to,” she said. 

The togetherness of Doghead is what makes it so special. Many different activities happen during the night, and students are doing their own things all over campus but they are all united in their purpose of staying awake and having fun.

Kate Landis `25 looks forward to the events that the College sponsors. 

“I love hanging out with my friends and going to different events. We did SPB’s Sunrise Paint Party at 5 am, and it was so much fun!” she said.

SPB always makes sure that there are plenty of things happening during Doghead to make sure that students are occupied and fed. Last year, some of these events included a CMI concert, bingo, pizza from Portland Pie, and, per tradition, Colby Universe, Colby’s senior pageant.

Anya Kirschner `24 is looking forward to SPB’s events, which make Doghead accessible to the entire student body, regardless of whether they drink or not.

“I like that the school does make an effort to host non-drinking-centered activities to be inclusive of all students who wish to partake in Doghead,” she said.

While SPB has yet to announce what activities are on the docket for this year, we are all sure that they’re going to be awesome. 

Even with SPB activities, everyone hates the lull in the early hours of the morning when people are starting to get tired. 

Cantor said, “There is definitely an emotional wall you hit at four in the morning when you’re trying to push through. Also, one year, security took a non-alcoholic seltzer away from me at like 4:30, and I didn’t know if I could go on.”

However, some people enjoy the quieter hours of the night, when they can meet new people.

“There’s a weird lull on campus between two and five. It’s the slowest three hours of your life and people nap, but it’s also when you have some of the funniest memories and conversations with friends and make new friends, so that’s always an interesting time,” Kirschner said.

However, just because it is slower during those hours does not mean that the celebration has stopped, and everyone needs to make sure to stay safe.

Kirschner pointed out that Colby Emergency Response (CER) also increases their service numbers on Doghead for safety reasons. Students should be aware of how they and their friends are doing.

“Please take care of yourself and your friends. Calling CER does not mean you will be transported, but it does guarantee you will be safe at the end of the night. Doghead is a marathon, not a sprint,” Kirschner stated.

Cantor points out another danger that Doghead presents.

“Doghead can get really cold, and even if you don’t feel like you’re cold, your body is still being impacted, and it can be really dangerous.”

Luckily, she has a recommendation.

“When looking for green clothes to wear, consider getting a morph suit or something like that. Both festive and practical!”

Nebuwa echoes this advice.

“Be safe, be warm, and stay with your people. It’s a great time if you’re sensible!”

If you take care of yourself and your friends, there is no reason why you would not have an amazing Doghead. Have fun! Stay safe! Cross your fingers for a non-cloudy sunrise!


~ Mairead Levitt `25

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