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Sunday Scaries: are Mondays scarier than Sundays?

Sunday Scaries are the infamous culmination of fun weekends with too many things to do. The term was made for a college campus setting where Sundays are too short for the transformation that happens between Saturday and Monday. It’s a cliché and overused term, but it describes an all too familiar feeling. The definition can vary from person to person, but if a word overlaps among many, it’s probably anxiety (but a cute little normalized version). 

We are in the thick of a stressful time of the year. The schoolwork is as hefty as it gets in a semester, especially if you have long-term projects to be working on. In the Bobs Basement office of The Colby Echo,  I get to write about how much work everyone has to do,  not in a meta or productive way, but just a reflective and probably relatable update. 

Aside from a chaotic costumed break for Halloween, the vibe on campus is tired and wired. The brand of fun we’re having assures me that no one is sleeping enough. Talking about our weeks is a good way to make the most of them. It makes me wonder which days are worse, and how to make them better. My Mondays are a lot more fun and fulfilling when I hang out with other writers and editors, each with varying levels of stress, to chat and write about campus.  

But, back to Sunday Scaries. I’m not trying to be a downer or start an argument, but I think the scariest day of the week is up for debate. Halloween was on a Monday just this week. Sunday is technically still part of the weekend, even if it ramps up into the week. So, are Mondays worse? I’ve had friends who planned fun Sundays around not doing homework to make the most of the lingering weekend hours. This is a great use of time, but it just might make the following Monday scarier. 

In this comparison, worse means more things to do and less free time — not always bad, but usually less enjoyable, especially at the outset of a long and maybe tough week. To me, the challenge of starting a new week is that the weeks run together. 

It’s already November, which means Thanksgiving is coming up in just three weeks, and the nostalgia for the holiday season will kick in. Then, immediately after that vacation comes the end of the semester. This means a rapid rush of deadlines and final exams. Until then, we have a few weeks to make Mondays more amusing and Sundays less scary. 

~ Molly George `23

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