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A letter to the College community

We would first like to thank Colby Emergency Response (CER), the Waterville Police Department, and the College’s Security Department for their bravery on Saturday morning. With little information about the shooting, perpetrators, or potential victims, these students and officers courageously descended on the Alfond Senior Apartments, quickly tending to bystanders and neutralizing the threat. We are thankful that such courageous and dedicated people protect Mayflower Hill.

We understand that since the shooting, the recent information vacuum has frustrated many on campus. As the situation developed on Saturday morning, most students had little information until about an hour after the incident. Many feel that the Administration has been too opaque. 

As the Co-Editors-in-Chief of The Colby Echo, we will use our medium to clear up as much of this confusion as possible. In this week’s issue, the Echo’s editors, reporters, and columnists have comprehensively covered the shooting and its consequences. As news continues to break in the coming weeks, we promise to share everything we know so that students can access the information they need and demand.

Along with our duty to report the news, we also have a duty to document the student life on Mayflower Hill. We are incredibly thankful to the students who shared their stories with us, which you can read about in our News and Features sections. We welcome everyone to submit their thoughts, feelings, and experiences to the Echo, regardless of the form that those might take. 

Finally, we encourage everyone to keep caring for one another. Community is more important now than ever, and after witnessing the recent wave of empathy and compassion wash over campus, we are confident that our community will bounce back stronger.


~ Avery Rosensweig `23 and Matt Rocha `23

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